Popcorn Shipping Q&A

What is the deadline for shipping orders by Christmas?

To guarantee that your order arrives before Christmas, please place your order by Saturday, December 9.
We will continue to ship after that date, but cannot guarantee Christmas arrival.

Why are your shipping prices so high?

Alright, so there are several factors at play here.

First of all, our boxes are designed to hold only one tin at a time.
This allows the tin to have more protection and less of a chance to get damaged in shipping.
In our many years of experience, we've learned that delivery works out MUCH better this way.

Order 6.5 Gallon Tins of Gourmet Popcorn (Available in 30+ Flavors)

Secondly, FedEx calculates our cost by box size, not by weight.
So although our product is very light, the nature of popcorn is that it's also very bulky (takes up a lot of space).

Order Bags & Tins of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)

Unfortunately, this a common issue for popcorn vendors across the board.
We encourage you to check out our competitors' websites and see for yourself.
No worries - We know you'll come back. Our strength lies in the quality, variety, and competitive pricing of the popcorn itself.

Eventually, we hope to ship enough popcorn nationwide to negotiate lower rates with FedEx.
So the more we spread the word, the better things will get for all of us! :)

Okay, I get that. So how can I get the most out of my popcorn order?

To ensure that you get the best shipping value for your order, we have these requirements
(don't worry, they do not apply to in-store pickup orders):

Shipped 1-gallon bags must be ordered in multiples of 2.
Shipped 2-gallon bags must be ordered in multiples of 4.

Order 1 Gallon Bags of Gourmet Popcorn (Available in 30+ Flavors)Order 2 Gallon Bags of Gourmet Popcorn (Available in 30+ Flavors)

All other sizes of bags, and all sizes of tins, will be shipped in their own individual box.
This will ensure that your popcorn arrives in excellent condition.

If we somehow find a way to combine your order into fewer boxes without compromising delivery, we will let you know.

If you have a larger or more complex order, contact us & we'll figure out the best way to get your popcorn to you.

Visit The Popped Popcorn Company in Downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas

And of course, if you live within driving distance, we encourage you to make the trip into Fort Smith & visit us in person.
Not only can you take advantage of our in-store refills, but you can also experience
the awesome new sights our vibrant downtown has to offer! 

We offer in-store pickup, so you can easily reserve & pay for your popcorn order online.
You can schedule pick up of your order on the time & date of your choosing.

We will wait until the last possible minute to package your order,
to ensure you receive the freshest popcorn available.

How do you ship your popcorn?

All orders are securely packed & shipped via FedEx Ground.

Can I get faster shipping? I need my popcorn fast!

Sure! Contact us & we'll be happy to assist.

When can I expect my popcorn order to ship?

If your order is placed before 2pm CST, it will ship the following business day.
See the dates & hours that our store is open.

Can you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We will work with you to determine a custom packaging method & shipping rate.
Contact us to get started on an international order.

Can I receive my order on the weekend?

Yes! FedEx Ground does deliver to residential locations on Saturday.

Can I ship popcorn to an APO address?

We can ship our popcorn to an APO address if needed.
Contact us for arrangements.

A excellent place to get the best popcorn I've ever had.

For such a great price, and such nice people, this place is definitely the place to go for the best popcorn.

I'm so glad I found this popcorn store. It is so yummy!

The popcorn flavors don't come off on your fingers or get stuck in your teeth. Definitely worth the money!

Best popcorn I've ever had.

Went in there this morning & it smelled so delicious that I walked out with 3 bags of popcorn!

I've never liked cheese popcorn before.

I got a popcorn tin for Christmas and fell in love with yours!

I had custom popcorn bags & labels made for my daughter's birthday.

Family and friends loved the idea of popcorn as a party favor!

My family is now spoiled and won't eat anything else.

They never disappoint us with their awesome flavors of popcorn.
Family ran business and wonderful people.

My family loves the variety of different popcorn flavors from sweet to savory.

The cheddar cheese, dill pickle and ranch are always a huge hit for our family.
The popcorn is always fresh!

Best popcorn ever & excellent customer service.

Lots of flavors to pick from at a great price!

Great popcorn & great customer service!

I am currently on a mission to try all of the flavors & haven't been disappointed yet.

This has to be the best flavored popcorn I have ever had!

Every single time I come to town I just have to stop in and get some popcorn.

Our family received some popcorn as a Christmas gift and we are hooked!

It's delicious, and we can't wait to try more popcorn flavors.

Absolutely delicious! Wow!

Highly recommend this place for anyone who loves popcorn.

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