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How many popcorn flavors can I choose?

That depends on the type of container you select.

For all bag sizes, and for 1 gallon tins, you may select a single popcorn flavor.
For 2 gallon, 3.5 gallon, and 6.5 gallon tins, you may select 1, 2, or 3 popcorn flavors.

Order a Single Flavor Tin of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)Order a Two Flavor Tin of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)Order a Three Flavor Tin of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)

Do you offer popcorn refills?

Yes, we offer refills on our 1 gallon2 gallon, 3.5 gallon, and 6.5 gallon popcorn tins (sorry, no bag refills).
Refills are available in-store only.

Order 2 Gallon Tins of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)Order 3.5 Gallon Tins of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)Order 6.5 Gallon Tins of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)

Refill prices:

1 Gallon Popcorn Tin
Any Flavor: $8.75

2 Gallon Popcorn Tin
Any Flavors: $12.75

3.5 Gallon Popcorn Tin
Any Flavors: $21.75

6.5 Gallon Popcorn Tin
Any Flavors: $34.75

How long will my popcorn stay fresh?

The best time to eat your popcorn, for optimal texture & flavor, is within one week.

Order Bags & Tins of Gourmet Popcorn Online (Available in 30+ Flavors)

Unopened popcorn tins can last for up to 2 months.

Opened popcorn tins & bags, if stored properly, bagged popcorn can stay fresh for 2 weeks. Sealed tins can stay fresh for a 3 weeks. 

We recommend keeping your popcorn inside their original tins or bags, and keeping them tightly sealed & stored in a cool, dry place.

Are any of your popcorn flavors allergy friendly?

We operate in a common kitchen. Therefore, we can not guarantee anything to be allergy friendly.

Why is my popcorn tin design not the one I selected?

We reserve the right to substitute any tin design if the selected design is out of stock.
We will substitute it with the closest design available.

Can I send popcorn as a gift?

Absolutely! You will be given the option to add a gift message to your popcorn order at checkout.
If a gift message is specified, we will include it with your shipment.

For gifting, we recommend building & sending our popcorn tins.
These are available in a wide variety of sizes & colors,
and can be filled with any of our 30+ gourmet popcorn flavors.

Can we sell your popcorn as a fundraiser?

Yes! Check out our fundraising page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, we can not issue a refund due to it being a food product. 
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Can you apply a coupon code after my order has been placed?

All coupon codes must be applied before you place your order. We can not give credit or apply it once the order has been placed. 

Have  a problem entering the coupon code? Contact us before you place the order. 

Why is my coupon code not working?

All coupon codes are a one time use per customer. We ask that you follow our Fair Usage Policy. Please do not place multiple orders using the coupon code. We are a small business and want to continue to provide the coupon codes for our customers, but if too many people use it over and over again, we will have to discontinue and take it away from everyone. 

We reserve the right to cancel an order without prior notice, if the coupon code is abused multiple times by one person.

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